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Penman Kelly

Shona's areas of expertise include:


Detailed Profile:

Shona is an  experienced, creative and flexible showcaller/onsite producer with 30 years experience in the corporate world.

I call many types of different shows from televised events to fashion shows, and currently work in corporate events including Pharma, Automotive, Digital and Financial.

I have a strong television and broadcast background, having worked  in TV for 15 yrs (Thames, Granada, LWT, BBC).

I am an enthusiastic and calm showcaller who can follow a brief and am happy to lead a technical team.

A few of the companies that I work for regularly are: Imagination, Jack Morton Worldwide, George P Johnson, Rizer, First Protocol, Clive,Design Scene, Metro Broadcast,Smyle, Stagestruck and Cheerful 21st.

Other Skills

French, Italian and basic Spanish.