Professional freelancers
working in the events industry

Specialists in conferences, AGMs, awards dinners, roadshows, product launches, major public projects and all other live event production.

Please don’t forget the value in using a Showcaller on your virtual presentations. We can Showcall and floor manage either from a studio of your choice or from our home office. We are all skilled in pre-production and virtual event delivery. #wemakeevents

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Our site is dedicated to our dear friend and colleague Moira Hunter Ross who is greatly missed.

Projects we have worked on

Experienced individuals

Our team have worked across all sectors including pharma, automotive, telecoms, financial services, large scale musical and sporting events.

Here you will find Freelancers who

  • Come with massive industry knowledge and great reputations
  • Can conceive, pitch and deliver your event with imagination, creativity and professionalism
  • Have sound production knowledge and experience
  • Can plan the logistics for projects on any scale with meticulous detail and perfect execution
  • Bring best practice, amazing organisational and excellent people skills to deliver the best for you and your client